Humic Acids are complex organic molecules formed by the decomposition of organic matter. These have direct influence in the soil fertility; while significantly it contribute to its stability, affecting the absorption of nutrients and as a direct consequence, in an exceptional plant growth.


Our raw material

Jiloca Industrial, S.A. (JISA), uses high quality Leonardite for the preparation of all their fertilisers containing humic and/or fulvic acids in their formulations.

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Reach Registration

Humic acids manufacturer

Jiloca Industrial, S.A. (JISA), owns humic acids REACH registration with the following registration number: 01-2119484861-29-0003. A European Regulation with international reference.

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Humic and fulvic

Agricultural biostimulants

Humic acids, as we understand them in agriculture, include humic acids and fulvic acids. The sources can be diverse such as peat, plant remains,…

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