Organic humic soil improver coming from Leonardite.

Humic acids Humivita 45 – 25


Our Humivita 45-25 humic organic soil improver has got a high content of oxidizable organic matter and humic acids in natural condition coming from Leonardite.

It’s a product which contributes decisively to soil fertility, improving its physical, chemical and biological properties.

Guaranteed Richness:

Organic matter 33% w/w, Total humic extract 18% w/w, Humic acids 18% w/w, Organic carbon (C) 19,3% w/w.

Dosage and Instructions for use:

Humivita 45 – 25 can be applied to all types of crops, preferably as ground fertiliser. Because of its physical state (crushed), it can be incorporated into the soil by conventional fertiliser spreaders, alone or together with NPK. It can also be applied in localized areas by manual application.

Soil application:

  • Vegetables: 500 – 800 kg/ha.
  • Fruit trees: 300 – 500 kg/ha.
  • Extensive crops: 200 – 400 kg/ha.


25 Kg. bag

Humic Acids for organic farming Humilig 25 Plus

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